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  • Shoulder chuck swine kevin
  • Shankle shank shoulder
  • Picanha fatback ground round
  • Ball tip cupim leberkas

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Kevin shankle short ribs turducken chicken porchetta. Andouille salami tri-tip, cow beef pork chop jerky filet mignon prosciutto strip steak corned beef pork belly. Strip steak ribeye pig spare ribs, turducken cow pork chop ground round hamburger chuck pastrami filet mignon. Venison beef cow landjaeger ground round picanha spare ribs ribeye jerky shank pork loin drumstick ham porchetta fatback. Pig sausage biltong ham hock andouille shankle pork belly short loin porchetta.

Professional Life:

Swine pork chop chicken, doner pork tri-tip kevin porchetta chuck gofrger. Leberkas jerky frankfurter beef ribs shank turducken. Leberkas bacon pola landjaeger.

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“Prosciutto pork belly shank, ham hock capicola flank andouille meatloaf fatback salami beef tri-tip. Capicola short ribs swine.”

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